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Dear Friend,

I am going to make this simple, the time is here and the time is now...

Sit tight, you are about to get your hands on a new technological marvel that will change the way you think about traffic generation and and affiliate marketing forever!

This will be by far, the most advanced and the most powerful software technology that you might have come across in a long time!

You are just minutes away from creating your very own profitable recurring monthly income machines and achieve phenomenal results like we did...

... All by using just seven of the 158 profit streams within the software!

You may be skeptical at this point...

...and you should be, after all every hyped product, useless ebook and cluttered video course out there promise you everything but deliver nothing!

I am sure you are sick and tired of the much hyped product launches that appear week after week with fancy screen shots and thousands of dollars displayed as proof, telling you that you can do the same.

Before I move further, let me show you what's possible with Profit Monarch Software right here, right now -

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Profit Monarch is the only software in the market that allows you to...

Profit from highly competitive niche markets
such as dieting, muscle building, golf tips, and the online gaming markets with ease.

This software also works in tiny profitable niches such as knitting, home gardening, parenting, solar energy
and any other niche market you can think of!

With Profit Monarch you never have to worry about saturation or competition again!

Below You Can Find Some Of Our Results...
... You can promote any affiliate offer WITHOUT having to rely on Clickbank.

We will show you how to find the hottest affiliate offers online in the step-by-step training available in the members area!

Follow simple instructions and be on your way to affiliate niche domination...

Send the traffic to your squeeze pages and Kaboom! - Here Are Some Of Our Results...

...The software automates almost everything!

You have seen our results...

There are NO million dollar figures and NO large unrealistic numbers or faked screenshots on this
page like you may have seen on other scam websites.

These are real results that ANYONE can achieve.

Everything you see on this page is 100% verifiable proof!

The 'impossible' is now 'possible' - Thanks to a shocking technological software breakthrough...

This is a true GAME CHANGER that will make you a winner...

Now you can get unlimited free traffic, build profitable email lists and also generate massive and reliable affiliate paydays all from one easy to use platform!

The best part is...

You DO NOT Need Any Special 'Technical Experience' - You can get started in minutes. The software installs right on to your desktop and is extremely flexible and user friendly.

You Do NOT need 'Content Creation' - Absolutely not article writing or boring content required creation - guaranteed.
You DO NOT Need 'Startup Investment' - You do not have to send a single penny on advertising, hosting, or traffic. If thing is included in this All-in-one package.
You DO NOT Need A 'Website or Blog' - The software is designed to make
TINY profit machines that go out and get traffic for you automatically. You do not have to create anything!

All you need is Belief...

Enough to absorb what we will show you. Enough to put the software tutorials in action.

If you do that - nothing more, nothing less - the results were hard to believe.

There are no excuses, anyone can do this!

Chances Are You Have Been Lied To By The BIGGEST Gurus...

Chances are that you have already purchased countless ebooks, software solutions and video training
courses before without much success.

I bet you have fallen prey to the slimy gurus that sell you the latest and the greatest solutions that
NEVER deliver any results!

You are not alone!

The gurus have taken a lot from all of us, now it's time to take back...

If you have already invested countless hours and thousands of dollars on guru courses as we all have at
some point you know spending thousands of dollars courses and manuals is not the solution.

...After spending thousands of dollars on "guru" courses.

....After spending hours of time figuring out "complicated" scripts & software.

... After burning a hole in the pocket for years "without any results"

... After spending 13 months of rigorous "testing and tweaking"...

Enough is enough!...

Put a FULL STOP To much hyped courses that sell for hundreds and thousands of dollars...

Too many programs and courses that fail to deliver...

Too much "guru" B. S. that seems good in theory but is too hard to replicate!


We sought out to find the real solution that everyone can replicate ...

A solution that can automate our affiliate marketing & traffic generation ...
A solution that help in building email lists faster than ever before...

A solution that can research and find 'hot' buyer keywords & niche markets...

A solution that can generate massive affiliate profits month after month...

Our team of 9 programmers went to work and did just that...

... after 13 months of sleepless nights and rigorous testing we broke through the shackles...

Before I move ahead and show you the TRUE power of this breakthrough discovery software...

Let me be upfront with you...

If you are looking for overnight riches, illegal schemes or blackhat solutions please leave this page now!

Today, you are getting an opportunity for a fresh start.

This Brand New Software Technology Automates Niche Research, Keyword Selection,
Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing & Niche Domination - All From One Easy To Use Interface.

The Profit Monarch software is one of it's kind...

The taps a traffic goldmine that is ...

More Profitable Than Website Building...

Much More Powerful Than Google...
Has More Buyers Than All Other Traffic Sources Combined...

The truth is...

Ebooks, Info products, video training may work or may not work. To get any results you must sit and
watch long boring videos, read through hundreds of pages of ebooks and spend weeks processing the strategies and tactics you learn.

It may take weeks, months or even years to understand the strategies listed in ebooks, manuals and video courses and make any money with them!

We all need shortcuts - sounds cheesy, but think about it, we use various shortcuts in our lives daily such as cars, computers, telephones, cell phones and other technologies that make life easy for us!

Stop looking everywhere for the right solution...

Phenomenal results and quick profits can only be achieved through breakthrough tools and cutting edge automation technologies.

Technological breakthroughs like this don't come often...


If you have read this far then you have passed the test.

We now know that you are serious about your business and not just looking for a quick FIX or a
magic solution ...

Your reward, you owe it to yourself...

You get to see first hand what this software breakthrough is all about....

In fact, you don't even need marketing or html experience to replicate the results shown on this page!


I understand that you see claims like these all the time. But wait and think for a minute. If I am wrong all you will loose is a couple of hours of your time...

But what if I am right?

We have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make this software easy to use.

Here is a list of some powerful features...

Point & Click Easy Interface - Using the software is as easy as opening up your inbox and writing an email. We have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to make this easy to use.

Installs Right On To Your Desktop - There are no complicated scripts to install.
There is no complex plugins to install, its simple, easy and fast!

Complete Video Training & Instructions - We have spent hours in creating "step-by-step" training videos and instructions that you can use to easily setup and profit from the software fast!

Download Profit Monarch Software Today!

Software breakthroughs like these are few and far between...

Are you ready to finally take control and be in the drivers seat?

To use this software you do not need any HTML experience or technical knowledge. We have made it easy
to use and accessible to everyone!

For the first time ever...

There are no excuses...

It does not get easier than this!

Unlike all the other software tools out there Profit Monarch is one of the few software out there to get
"highly targeted" buyer traffic...

FACT: Buyer Traffic is 33 times more powerful than regular traffic!

That means that buyer traffic can make you 33 times more money than any other traffic source out there!

The software you are about to download in this page is designed in such a way that it brings in floods of "buyer leads" and sales almost instantly.

Now that you know the true power of the 3in1 Profit Monarch technology ...

...Let's recap and see what's included in this incredible package...

The Package Consists Of Three Brand New Never Seen Before Powerful Software Tools!

This is nothing like you have ever seen before...

Find HOT Buyer Keywords In Seconds - Instantly find buyers in any niche market in seconds. Push the "start" button and the software does the rest!
Minute To Minute Trends Updates - The software automatically updates every minute and shows you the hottest niches, keywords and topics people are searching for on Google, Yahoo and Bing!
Automated Software Runs Itself - All you need to do is fire it up... and boom you just entered a new untapped and unsaturated niche market!
Uncover Untapped Niches - Even if you search thousands of profitable niches, you still would not scratch the surface of what this software can uncover for maximum profits!

Profit From Niches You Never Knew Existed While The Software Does All The Work For You!

Never Seen Before Technology That Automates Affiliate Marketing,
Traffic Generation & Niche Domination

Money Making Intelligence On Steroids - Creates hundreds of tiny niche profit machines to attract thousands of targeted visitors.

Works Round The Clock To Get Massive Traffic & Sales -
The software taps a traffic goldmine with billions of mobile & internet users. This put our
affiliate profits will be on hyperdrive!

Unique Technology - The unique technology creates multiple profit streams that you can rely on month after month!
Works In Any Country, Any Niche Market -
There are no limitations, the profit potential of this breakthrough technology is limitless!

This ONE software alone stuffs my accounts with massive affiliate profits...

Absolutely no website, blog or product required...

More Traffic & Backlinks Fast - This powerful software technology puts your videos, websites and blogs on top of search engines!
Create Sustainable Traffic Steams - You will never run out of traffic. The revolutionary process keeps getting thousands of visitors each month!
Get "Targeted" Buyer Traffic - This one tool will get you more quality buyer traffic than any other traffic software on your computer!

Opportunities like these don't come often. You may have seen and purchased ebooks, video courses, and various hard to use tools and plugins in the past...

That's all a thing of the past!

Today you will be able to download a powerful 3in1 software suite that gets massive free traffic, builds a profitable email list, and finds the hottest niche markets and keywords in minutes.

That's exactly what you need right now!

Wait... that's not all!

If you order in next 48 hours you get instant access to awesome automation bonuses...

These bonuses are extremely limited and are offered as an exclusive launch special!

Also as a part of this package we will include FREE Bonus Access to Profit Monarch premium membership!

Setup The Software and Follow Instructions - Follow step-by-step video instructions and setup the campaigns we give you!
Copy Our Exact profitable Campaigns - These are exact campaigns that generated massive free traffic and added thousands of dollars to our bottomline!

Save Time & Money - You do not have to do anything. Just enter the campaigns into the software and start counting your profits!

10 Powerful Traffic Avenues - We reveal live on video some never seen before underground tools & strategies that get thousands of visitors each day!
Get Top Ranking On Search Engines - Get free targeted traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

More Backlinks & Sales - Instantly boost the popularity of your websites and get linkbacks from authority sites = more traffic & sales.

Ramp Up Your Profits By 10x - We reveal live on video some never seen before underground strategies that help you build more profit streams in "weird" niche markets.
Step-by-step Training - We will give you access to our top secret tools and training that have boosted our profits by TEN times!

Unlock Maximum Profits With Little Effort - We reveal secrets on how you can integrate the Profit Monarch software with amazon, ebay and google to get massive traffic & affiliate commissions.

Integrate With Profit Monarch In Minutes - It literally takes just five minutes to set everything.

No Website or Blog Needed- Before you needed a website to profit from Amazon, Google, Clickbank and other affiliate networks. With Profit Monarch you no longer need a website or blog to profit!

Plus, many more bonuses included just for premium members!

You either act now or get left behind.

People who read this message before you have already downloaded the software and are taking action!

The wisest man I ever knew told me something I never forget - "Most people are busy earning a living to make any money."

Don't take as long as I did to find out what is right and what works!

I'll prove it to you, if you invest in this cutting edge software technology today.

I am not asking you to "believe" me. Just try it out risk free for 60 days. If I'm wrong, all you've lost
is a couple of hours...

But what if I am right?

Stop wasting time and start building your own successful affiliate marketing empire!

Say YES to success...

YES! Paul, I am Ready To Download The 3in1
Profit Monarch Software Suite!

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I know that I can test out the complete software package for 60 days. If I'm not completely satisfied with my purchase, I'm protected by your 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

I'm ready to get my hands on this powerful software package and create brand new profit machines in minutes!

I understand that I will be billed a one time payment of $47 today!

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To Your Success,

Paul Ponna, Sidd Ponna & Brittney
Your Dedicated Profit Monarch Team.

P. S. This never seen before cutting edge software is your one stop destination to generate monthly recurring affiliate income! Claim your copy of the software today.

P.P.S. You have 60 days to test-drive this innovative package, if you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full no questions asked refund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does Profit Monarch really contain 3 unique software tools?
A: Yes! Included in the package are three brand new never seen before software tools.

Q: Does the computer need to always be "Turned ON" for the software to work?
A: No. Once you setup your profit machines using the software, you can turn the computer off. The whole process should take less than 30 minutes.

Q: Do I need to risk money to see if Profit Monarch™ works exactly as you show
and explain?

A: Other than the investment today, you DO NOT need to spend a single penny on traffic generation. The software generates 100% free traffic and you will never have to risk a single penny on traffic generation using the software.

Q) How can I profit with the Profiit Monarch software? Do you provide training?
A: YES, we provide step-by-step video training on how to setup and activate the software with the right settings. In addition, we also provide you comprehensive training on how you can generate massive profits using the software.

Q: Is my purchase backed by a guarantee?
A: We strongly believe Profit Monarch software is the most powerful and revolutionary free traffic generation software available in the market today. We are sure you will love the features and the money generating potential. Therefore, we offer a 60 day RISK FREE guarantee!

Q: Is this a desktop software or a script?
A: The Profit Monarch software installs right onto your desktop. You do not have to configure any hard to use plugins or PHP scripts.

Q: Does it work in all countries, any niche and all languages?
A: Yes, you can use the Profit Monarch software to dominate any niche and target audiences from any country and any language.

Q: What type of customer support will I receive?
A: You will receive an email from us in 24 to 48 hours on regular working days. We make sure our customers are taken care of as soon as possible.


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